Fast cars with an amazing look and 

marvellous sound.


In 2017 a new official Benelux Championship starts, the GT & Prototype Challenge powered by HANKOOK.  Initiator behind this series is V-Max Racing Management, well known for the International Dutch Supercar Challenge which it organizes since 2001.

This new series is open to the fastest category GT’s and open and closed Prototypes. 

There are are 6 events on the tracks of Zandvoort and Assen in the Netherlands and at Zolder and Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium.  At each event there are two free practices of 40 minutes , a qualification of 30 minutes and two races of 60 minutes.  



The GT Division is open for all GT3 type of cars of manufacturers  like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi and Mercedes. But also GT cars as raced in the Supercar Challenge before like the Mosler MT900, Pumax RT and Vipers are also welcome. All cars with a power of 500 HP as a minimum and a great sound.  


The second part of the startgrid is reserved for three divisions of Prototypes . The new closed P3 Prototypes from manufacturers like Ligier, Ginetta and Norma. The second group for the CN cars like the Wolf, Norma, Praga R1Turbo and Radical SR8 and the third group for cars like the Radicals SR3 and Praga R1.

Some of these cars like the Ligier and Ginetta P3 and CN Proto's already competed in the Supercar Challenge in the last two years but with  the introduction of this new series they will have their own official Championship.

The new GT & Prototype Challenge will go her own way, but will also be present at four events together with the Supercar Challenge to share several facilities like the Hospitality and TV coverage.


The P3 Prototypes became very popular in a remarkably short time. Ligier has already orders for more than 

75 cars and they have already delivered a lot of cars to their customers. The four other manufacturers, like Ginetta and Norma, are also very busy with these very nice race cars. With these cars you can join the real endurance races, but because of the low running costs they are also extremely suitable for one hour racing.


The provisional calendar consist 6 events: 


The race format for the weekend consists two free practices of 40 minutes, a qualification of 30 minutes and two races of 60 minutes plus 1 lap, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

During both races there is a mandatory pit stop of 60 seconds for an optional drivers change. There will be a result based handicap system with a maximum of 30 extra seconds to be added to the minimum pit stop time.

The GT division is open for drivers with a Bronze FIA rating as maximum. In the other divisions a second driver with a Silver Rating is allowed. The organisation has to right to add handicap seconds to the mandatory pit stop time.


The final classification of a car will be based on the specification as to be stated on the entry form.  Cars with a National Homologation are allowed to enter. 

Minimum drivers licence requirement: National


GT en GT3’s with minimum 500Hp and a minimum weight of 1200 kg  


P3 Prototype as Ligier, Ginetta, Norma, Riley and Adess in orginal cup specifications 

and Ginetta G57 (restricted)


CN proto’s from 2014 onwards like Norma, Wolf GB08, PRC 2000 CC and Praga R1T


Radical SR3, Praga R1 and older CN type of cars


The GT & Prototype Challenge powered by HANKOOK is organized and promoted by V-Max Racing Management B.V., based in the south of the Netherlands, in Breda.  V-Max has a wide experience in organizing race series and race events since 2001 as promotor of the Supercar Challenge and succesfull events in Holland like the Formido Finals at Assen, the Zolder Superprix in Belgium and Acceleration at the Nürburgring in Germany. 

The team behind founder Dick van Elk are Renata Aartsen en Renate Berendsen and a big group professionals and volunteers. All people with a great enthusiasm for autosport, with one objective, delivering the best service and being the best organizer.    


Publicity and sponsoring is always a very important part for the autosport. All races will be broadcasted via open TV channels like RTL7 and MotorsTV, like previous year for the Supercar Challenge.  

Of course all programs will be made available for streaming by our website, the social media and  our own Youtube channel:


Interested to join? Which next step to take?

For experienced drivers and teams it is no problem to fill out the entry form and join. But if you are a car owner or thinking about racing in the GT & Prototype Challenge and prefer an arrive and drive package, there are a lot of teams who can offer you this service like you rent a car with Hertz.

Een kleine selectie van de teams die u verder kunnen helpen:


When you would like to receive information about teams who have cars available for the GT & Prototype Challenge, please contact     V-Max Racing Management on phone number +31 76 5430200 or by mail

Do you have a car available for the GT & Prototype Challenge, please let us know and we can give your details to drivers interested to join the GT & Prototype Challenge.


When you would like to sign up, you can ask for a digital entry form by sending an email to: 

Entry fee per division:

• Division GT:                    € 11.000,00

• Division Prototype 1:    € 11.000,00

• Division Prototype 2:    €   9.000,00

• Division Prototype 3:    €   7.500,00

Mentioned prices ex. VAT 


Like in the Supercar Challenge HANKOOK is the tyre partner fort his new series. The HANKOOK tyre service will join us at all events to supply the right tyres and fit them.

The tyre engineers will be there for technical support and advice if wanted.  Available are slicks and full wets, no intermediates allowed.  

The maximum number of tyres allowed during the weekend for qualifying and both races is limited to 8. Free practices not included.  


If you are interested to enter the GT & Prototype Challenge or if you wish more information, please contact:


V-Max Racing Management B.V. 

Office hours:                  +31 (0)76-5430200
Mobile Dick van Elk   :  +31 (0)6-53798219

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